This is a unique set of real Butterflies.  All these designs were embroidered and tested for any defects. Colors are important as these are the colors true to the butterflies in nature.  The name and country's name is embroided in black at the end of the design  and can be omitted .  All these designs were designed to fit the artista hoop 130x 100mm or 255x145 oval.

The Butterfly Name And Country Name Is Added At The End And Can Be Omitted During Production

All the designs are embroided and tested for any defects before being released and are available for IMMEDIATE download below.

Junonia orithya Stitches:16953 Colors:8 Height:97.2mm Width:92.4mm

Precis archesia: Stitches:14660 Colors:8 Height:92.4mm Width:82.4mm

Precis octavia: Stitches:23604 Colors:7 Height:98.6mm Width:94.4mm

Euphaedra neophron: Stitches:12462 Colors:8 Height:98.5m Width:76.0mm

Papilio nireus: Stitches:11252 Colors:3 Height:98.4mm Width:79.2mm

Papilio Danus: Stitches:11490 Colors:4 Height:87.8mm Width:76.4mm

Aeropetus Tulbagia: Stitches:12858 Colors:7 Height:72.4mm Width:81.0mm

Colotis danea: Stitches:13201 Colors:6 Height:94.2mm Width:86.9mm

Ilaus silas: Stitches:10847 Colors:7 Height:99.7mm Width:73.1mm

Junonia hierta: Stitches:13046 Colors:6 Height:85.2mm Width:89.1mm

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